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Be Nice To Your Mommy!

Happy Earth Day! 

What are you doing today to honor your mother?  Well, by mother, I mean Mother Earth.  At home, we have:

  • Switched to online statements (utilities, credit card, bank statements) 
  • Eliminated one-time use products (plastic-wrap, straws, single-serving packaged foods)
  • Reduce plastic use (water bottles & plastic shopping bags)
  • Donate useful items we no longer use (clothes, furniture, garden containers)

Have you considered ways to cut down on paper waste in your office?  Paper use taxes our natural resources BIG time -  from depleted trees, to energy used to convert raw material, to dioxins and dies used in manufacturing, to energy used to transport and then more energy to dispose of.  

I'm sure all of you are about as annoyed as I am by overflowing recycling bins of paper trash that accummulate in an office, even without trying.  Beyond paper files, junk mail is endless and my paper shredder is tired! To combat this, why not consider web-based property management software?  Not only is it more efficient, it's nice to Mamma Earth and you are definitly going to bump up your systems security. (For more information on Online Data Storage & security, click here.)  

If you haven't looked into your options, know there are affordable online solutions that are well-worth exploring.  And if you have any questions, I'm happy to offer you some feedback from my perspective at Rentec Direct.  

Now go out and hug a tree.  :)


1 commentJanell Kittleson • April 22 2014 02:43PM
Be Nice To Your Mommy!
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